The Second AOP-20 Council Face-to-Face Meeting

Thursday November 17, 2022

10:00 a.m. – noon


Location:      Mid-East CTC Buffalo Campus, 57090 Vocational Road, Senecaville, OH 43780
Theme:          It Takes a Village to Develop the Work Force



A video put together by J.P. Feldner,
Director of Communications / Grant Writing, Ohio Valley ESC
with pictures from the November 17 meeting.




Students from Shenandoah High School were on site with their food truck “Eats, Sweets and ZEP Treats” to provide breakfast snacks. You will see firsthand and hear the story of this authentic work-related opportunity for students, supervised by SHS Faculty member, Juli Harper.

Ohio SE
Research Analyst for OhioSE, James Woodward, will share data relevant to our region’s workforce development. Learn about commuting patterns and jobs that are needed throughout the region, all of which contribute to the work force.

Download the slides from James Woodward’s presentation.




Driving to work
High school graduates not having a driver’s license has contributed to a shortage of workers. What was commonly known as Driver Education has been revived for area high school students. Through the efforts of MOV ESC Collaborative of Muskingum and Ohio Valley Educational Service Centers, Driver Education is becoming a reality. Dr. Richard Hall of OVESC and Justin Denius of MVESC will share the details.









Appalachian STEM Collaborative
Dan Leffingwell, ECOESC Executive Director of Special Projects and Student Support will provide the current status and future plans for the Appalachian STEM Collaborative. Their goal is to support the creation of a STEM culture in schools to better prepare students for the in-demand jobs of the 21st century and beyond. Discussion began at a meeting (October 26) attended by over 30 school districts and higher education representatives. Included in the presentation will be Justin Denius (MVESC) and Chad Miller (OVESC).

Download the slides from the Appalachian STEM Collaborative presentation.


New Career Opportunities
Mid-East Career Centers Buffalo Campus presents a variety of some 16 career pathways that students may follow from Agriculture and Environmental Systems to Transportation Systems. You will be introduced to an array of programs that you may not have ever dreamed possible. One of the new and very popular opportunities is the Vet Assisting and Animal Care program with its own authentic facility. Superintendent Matt Sheridan will lead a tour of the exciting innovative programs sites.

Coshocton Foundation
Coshocton Foundation’s Executive Director, Bob Pell, will share the opportunities it brings to the region and the differences they are making.